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Behavior after the operation



After an operation, swelling in the jaw and face area can only be minimized by cooling. Please cool the outside for at least 24 hours with an ice pack, preferably wrapped in a thin cotton cloth, for large parts of the day! From the 3rd day, cooling is usually no longer medically necessary. The swelling should slowly go down. If in doubt, contact us!


After the operation, you will usually be given a prescription for painkillers. Please take the painkillers for the first 2 to 3 days according to the time rhythm that was given to you. From the 3rd day it is sufficient to only take the painkillers as needed. Please contact us if you still feel pain!

Eating and drinking after surgery

Do not eat or drink anything very hot on the first day after the operation. Please only eat soft food in the first 3 days after the operation. After that you can slowly switch to normal food.
Attention: As long as the "anesthetic injection" in the mouth is still effective (numbness of tongue, lips, chin), please only drink and eat nothing. Otherwise you will seriously injure yourself.

Smoking after oral surgery

Smoking is very detrimental to oral wound healing for many reasons, especially in the first week. Coffee, black tea and alcohol should also be avoided for 3 days after an operation in the oral cavity. Otherwise, your wound healing will be significantly delayed in many cases.

Dental care after operations in the mouth

Dental care after operations in the mouth is possible and also necessary. If necessary, use a soft toothbrush. Special flushing solutions can also be used. Excessive rinsing is more likely to impede wound healing and should therefore be avoided.

Our reliable aftercare

On the day of the procedure, we will let you know when you should come for the next check-up. In your own interest, we ask that you adhere to this and the following dates.

If you get severe pain or fever at home, or if the swelling does not subside after three days, please contact us immediately. Even if you are unsure and have questions about the healing process, do not hesitate to call us.

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