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Bone formation


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Jaw augmentation is a process that builds up the jawbone, especially when there is insufficient bone stock in the upper or lower jaw.

For the stable integration of a dental implant, it must be firmly anchored in the jawbone. Adequate bone density is crucial to ensure the longevity and functionality of the implant.

However, if the jawbone is not of the required thickness or height, it must first be built up to securely anchor the implant.

In our specialist practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery in the heart of Berlin-Mitte, we specialize in precise bone augmentation. Even with gaps between teeth that have existed for a long time, we can optimize the jawbone in terms of height, thickness and structure, so that an implant treatment can be implemented.

There are many causes of jawbone loss.

Bone loss in the upper and lower jaw often results from missing teeth. When one or more teeth are missing for an extended period of time and are not replaced, the jawbone in the affected area shrinks due to the lack of normal loading. We refer to this phenomenon as inactive atrophy, which often causes bone to lose both height and thickness.

Inflammatory diseases of untreated teeth or continuous improper oral hygiene, which leads to gum inflammation (periodontitis), can also promote bone loss.


A loose denture that puts constant pressure on the jawbone can cause long-term bone loss. Long-term use of removable dentures can also damage the bone.


Other factors, such as the natural aging process, constant grinding of teeth or accidents in which tooth structure has been damaged, can also endanger the jawbone.


There are also health-related factors that often require extensive surgical intervention, such as bone voids created by removed jaw cysts or tumors.

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