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Due to the revolution in implantology, the spectrum of dentistry has expanded significantly. Today, dental implants are not only common practice, but often the most efficient answer to various dental challenges. They represent the modern and aesthetically outstanding way of restoring individual teeth or complete rows of teeth both in terms of function and appearance. An unbeatable advantage of implants: there is no need to grind down neighboring teeth and they also offer a secure anchor point for extensive dentures.

A vital, solid jawbone that guarantees the implant a long-lasting hold is essential for a successful implant. However, tooth loss can often mean bone loss, and previous procedures may have compromised the bone. This means that bone structure is of central importance in implantology. The experienced implantologist must therefore have expertise in bone formation, implantation and soft tissue surgery.

In our specialist practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery, specializing in implantology, we can look back on a wealth of experience in implantation and bone formation. As experts in bone regeneration, we use both synthetic and endogenous materials. Our daily implantological interventions are optimally prepared using the latest diagnostics, such as digital volume tomography (DVT). These advanced diagnostic methods, combined with innovative surgical techniques such as guided bone regeneration (GBR), set the standard. A minimally invasive approach, especially with soft tissue, is a matter of course for us. Our profound experience and mastery of the latest surgical techniques in implantology predestine us to be the first choice for patients and colleagues.

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